Increase your bookings-- without lowering your prices.

Do you feel like you're getting less bookings than you used to?

Are the old methods for boosting your listing just not working?

Do you only get bookings at the last minute, or after lowering your prices?

We’re here to help.


At BnB the Smart Way, we specialize in helping hosts boost their listing’s search rank in Airbnb in order to increase their bookings-- and their bottom line.


What is this “Search Ranking” thing-- and why does it matter?

Your search ranking is the position in which your listing appears when a guest searches for a home in your area during a specific set of travel dates. It is important to know where you stack up. Are you on the first page? The fifth? The fifteenth? Or, perhaps you’re not ranked at all. Airbnb only shows 17 pages of results for each location, which is about 300 properties. If you aren’t in the top 300 guests can’t find you.

One thing I know for sure-- if a guest can’t see your listing, you won’t be booked.

Common Search Ranking Cycle

Let’s say you just listed a new property. Airbnb wants to give new listings a boost, so the listing will typically rank very highly for the first month. After this, the property begins to fall through the ranks. How fast and how far the listing falls is related directly to reviews, property location, your superhost status, or lack of it, and, the bottom line-- how much money it is making Airbnb. 

If your property is not converting guests, Airbnb is simply not going to continue putting it at the top, which is why optimization is so important, but more on that later.

Most new hosts start with a bang, and then business suddenly slows.

Thankfully, we’ve found a way to help-- a way that no one is talking about yet.

The Secret to Maintaining a High Airbnb Search Ranking

The story above describes most host’s experience-- including mine. I had a new listing, got great bookings, and then nothing. I looked everywhere for tips and tricks to optimize my listing. I followed all the traditional advice:

  • Getting great pictures

  • Selecting, and testing the best cover photo

  • Creating an engaging, location specific title

  • Having an optimized listing, complete with keywords

  • Using dynamic pricing to update my calendar and prices daily

  • Editing my photo order or listing details to show that my listing was “fresh”.

And all of those things are important. But, for me, and many other hosts they’re just not enough.

So I began an experiment.

I started running Facebook ads to drive traffic to my listing. I wasn’t sure what my goal was, but I had to do something.

What I found has changed my business, and the businesses of host’s around the world for the better.

By sending curious Facebook users to look at my listing, my Airbnb search ranking increased.

Not only did it increase, but it also stayed high. I have been using this same ad for over a year on my property, and it has always helped us stay competitive.

I believe this works for 2 reasons:

  1. It shows Airbnb that there is interest in the listing-- people find it cool, attractive, etc

  2. It helps send all kinds of new people to Airbnb’s website-- perhaps even people who have never heard of Airbnb before.

After seeing how well this worked for myself, I began trying it out with other hosts. Time after time we were able to make a difference in their search ranking, and, most importantly, in their bottom line.

But don't take my word for it. Let's hear what Lauren Meeks of BnB Made Simple has to say:

“I hired Renee a few months ago to run ads to help boost bookings at my short-term rental properties. Since I've started working with her, my search rankings have consistently climbed, and my bookings have doubled or more at every property she's running ads for. I've had less stress in my job than I've had in literally years. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for help running FB ads!

Lauren Meeks, BnB Made Simple

And she’s not the only one. 

Take a look at the results we have been getting for our clients:

Page 14 to Page 1 in 6 weeks

New Orleans, LA

Are you ready to increase your bookings? 

We take our client’s success seriously, and are excited to offer you the same advertising services that have helped all the hosts above succeed in their businesses.


                           Our services include:

  • A free evaluation for up to 5 listings to see where you are, and how we can help

  • A free consultation call to understand more about your business and your unique needs

  • A free report of your listings (up to 5) and tailored recommendations for your business

  • Creation of 4 ads, 1 video, and 3 photos, targeted at those most likely to travel to your property and location

  • Well-researched and attention grabbing ad copy

  • At least 6 weeks of active management, which includes weekly reports on your ad progress and search ranking, with feedback on what we are going to do to continue to help you improve. (Active management continues until your ad is fully optimized and your property is performing well)

  • A lifetime of support if you need any help with your ads, or to change/update pictures.

  • The option, after 6 weeks, to learn how to monitor your ads yourself, or to sign up for monthly management with us.

All ads that are created for you remain your property-- forever. This truly is an investment that you can use for the life of your property

Most ad companies charge between $1,200-$1,500 for an advertising campaign-- and they own the ads, and require you to pay them a monthly management fee for as long as you work with them.

As a host myself, I know that that model is not feasible. So I began offering my services at $500/ad.

But then, we kept improving. With my fantastic team, we learned how to get amazing results for you-- fast.

So we have now lowered the price of a new ad. Now, you get a highly researched ad  including at least 6 weeks of active management and your weekly ad reports for only $375.

And, we even have an extra bonus for hosts who own multiple properties in the same location. We offer you a discount of $125 on each additional ad after the first one, bringing the total price of 2nd, 3rd, or 15th ads down to $250

So, if you’re ready to take back control of your Airbnb listing, to stop lowering prices, and to start getting better and more consistent bookings, we’d love to talk to you.

We know that making a huge investment in your business is scary, which is why we offer a 100% money back guarantee. If your search ranking doesn’t increase with our services, we will refund the total cost of ad creation.

We’re confident in what we do, and we have the data to prove that it works.

There’s no harm in seeing if it could work for you too. Book your free evaluation today to see if your listing’s search ranking needs a boost.

Still not entirely sure?

You may be wondering…

Who pays for the actual advertising costs?

That’s a fantastic question. The host would pay Facebook directly for the advertising costs. We usually recommend a budget of $3/day, which is plenty to get us the traffic we need.

Wouldn’t sending traffic to my Airbnb hurt my conversion rate?

Great question! What we have found through our research is that too much traffic can begin to negatively affect your search ranking. This is why our weekly reports and checks on your search ranking are so important, and why our ad budget is so low, compared to most advertising campaigns. If we begin to see your rank falling, we will actually decrease your budget, saving you money, and getting you the same incredible results. Actually, our Chief of Optimization, Alyssa, is so good at her job that we’ve been lowering a lot of ad budgets lately-- saving our hosts tons of money, without sacrificing any of the benefits of our service.

Running Facebook ads seems simple enough… can’t I just do this myself?

Of course you can! And I can also (in theory) clean my Airbnb properties, but the thing is, I hire someone who is way better than me and knows more about it. If you have experience in Facebook ads, I say go for it! But if not, you may find yourself unable to generate the needed results quickly, or spending tons of time learning something new instead of working on other aspects of your business. You’ll also miss out on all the troubleshooting and rank tracking we do. It’s not just about throwing up an ad, we also analyze its performance, as well as your listing’s, to make sure it is well optimized.

Can you help me with anything else?

Absolutely! We are also happy to help our customers with listing optimization, such as photo recommendations, title recommendations, and even writing listings for people. We seek to be whatever we need to be to make your business a success.

So, dozens have gone before you and have made a change that helped their business to thrive.

If it doesn’t work, you get your money back.

And, you get a free consultation and evaluation out of the deal.

Why not give us a chance and 

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