Owner + Chief Strategist

Renee is the founder and hands-on owner of BnB the Smart Way. She is the mom to 6 lovely fur babies and is passionate about helping business owners achieve freedom and financial independence through work they are passionate about. Whether she is staging a new home for an Airbnb or consulting another host here or abroad, she works hard to ensure that her clients and guests leave feeling heard, helped, and appreciated.


Head Cleaner + Interior Design Specialist

Emily is truly the "eyes" of our Airbnb operation. She works hard to ensure our spaces are spotless for guests and well-stocked with amenities. She also helps to conceptualize and design all of our homes to provide a warm, inviting atmosphere for our guests. When she's not working, she can be found trying to snuggle a protesting Maslow (her sweet black kitten) or sipping coffee and enjoying a Brown butter chocolate chip sea salt cookie at Chocolate Moose with her husband, Eli.


Chief Analyst + Ad Creator

Jenna is a super smart, detail-oriented creative who makes sure our reports and data are accurate and well-ordered.  Jenna analyzes and evaluates all new properties in our ad program, creeates reports for each ad, and creates the initial ad itself. In addition to these tasks, Jenna works on websites for our clients and any graphic design projects that Renee throws at her. When not working, Jenna enjoys spending time with her husband, Jason, and her adorable daughter, River.


Chief of Ad Optimization + Facebook Liason

Alyssa specializes in perfecting our ads through optimization. She helps our clients save money by optimizing to the point that we can lower their daily ad budget and still achieve the same results. She also deals with any and all issues with Facebook, spending hours in chatrooms with their staff on behalf of our clients. When not working for us, she enjoys playing Rugby (2018 National Championship team) and Dungeon and Dragons.

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